To avoid fluid retention problems and your feet swelling, try removing salt from your diet. It is also important that your shoes are not too tight.

The feet are the most important members of the body since they must support us and our weight all day long. That’s why we need to be aware of the well-being of our feet and provide them with the proper care to keep them healthy, and especially rested so that they can support us every day.

Removing your shoes will not be enough to properly relax your feet. Indeed, these require care and attention. In this article, we will also teach you some methods to relieve your tired feet.

What are the causes of tiredness of our feet?

Fatigue and feeling of heaviness in the feet can be caused by many factors. We will also analyze them.

Too much effort: Very often we submit our body to very intense physical efforts. For example, when we stay up too long, doing chores or sports that do not allow us to rest our feet enough. The feeling of fatigue is the way our body makes us understand that we are “mistreating” our body and it is time to set limits.

Use bad shoes: To avoid foot pain caused by fatigue, it is essential to use the right shoes, preferably not too high or too sharp.
Poor circulation: People with poor circulation are more likely to suffer from foot pain.

Obesity: Overweight people very logically suffer from the feet that must support this excess weight every day.

Natural treatments to remedy foot fatigue

Hot baths for the feet

Hot baths for the feet

After a grueling day at work, it is normal to go home with leached feet. It is for this reason that it may be a good idea to soak them in a hot water bath and Epson salt. You can also add some rose petals or a few drops of mint, this bath will be very effective to improve your circulation. When the water gets colder, remove your feet, dry them well and have a massage with the same mint oil, or with a moisturizer.


foot Massages

To relax your tired feet, a massage can be very effective with a cream with honey or mint. These three elements will mix very well. Massage in the form of circular motions, then slip on a pair of compression stockings and raise your legs on a pouf to relax them.

Rice water baths

Simply boil some rice in two cups of water, and cook until the water reduces to fill the equivalent of a cup. Filter. Let stand and add three scoops of yeast, or baking soda. Immerse your feet in this bath until all the water has cooled down and then dry your feet well. Finally, finish this treatment with a good massage with a mint cream.

Another very useful tip that can be followed every day: try, after a hard day’s work, to place your feet against a wall for about ten minutes, then massage with a moisturizer. This massage should be done with circular movements from the tip of the feet to the middle of the legs.

You can also dive your feet for about 20 minutes every night in a chamomile and lemon balm infusion and relax.

Some tips to prevent foot fatigue

  • To avoid the feeling of tiredness, it is advisable to walk barefoot for half an hour a day, if you can do it in nature, in the grass or on the sand the effects will be all the more beneficial.
  • Use shoes that are wide enough for your feet. In order to avoid any problem of circulation, the heel must be high enough, but not too much (about 5 cm) also make sure to choose shoes with not too narrow ends.
  • Follow a balanced diet and avoid overly salty foods. Indeed, an excess of salt can cause water retention in the feet which will then be swollen.
  • To finish with calluses and calluses, it is advisable to apply petroleum jelly and leave overnight. You can also massage your feet (the plant, and especially the heel that tends to dry out the most) It is essential to put socks if you leave the cream.
  • Do exercises by circling your feet and ankles and moving small objects with your toes.
  • Roll a glass bottle with the soles of your feet on a towel for a few minutes.


As you can see, the pain and tiredness of the feet are quite common, because they have to support us every day and in all our activities. It is then very easy to follow the few tips that we have just given you to maintain the health of your feet. But above all, provide adequate care to your feet so that they can support all your daily activities.

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